Database Solutions

Managing Your Data

Every business has different requirements for managing the data critical to their operation.

According to Ian Renwick, Centreforce director and FileMaker developer, one of the best things about his job is working with many varied businesses who have quite different needs associated with how they collect and organize their data. In some instances it may be maintaining client contact details, tracking work flows or linking data to an accounts package such as MYOB. For one  client Centreforce was able to update their Client Appointment and Account System. According to the Practice Manager:
“It has enabled us to link our patient appointments to their medical records, letters and financial details. We have been using the new database for over three months now and things have never been better – so much faster and more efficient than our previous system!  It’s very streamlined and quick to master.”

One of the great things about a personalised database is that it can be modified to meet your changing needs. If you have a need to organise your data, save time or better track processes then give Ian a call.